Transformational and Life Skills

Just like exercise and nutritious food keep us physically fit and help us prevent or overcome any illness, Transformational & Life Skills (LS) keep us mentally fit and help us deal with any challenging situation in life which may otherwise knock us down. Everyone will face some hurdles or the other in life, but we do not know when. To be prepared we need to constantly sharpen our LS. If you can understand and accept this, you can help yourself create a better life in future. Ultimately, this will lead to your emotional, mental, social, professional growth.  

World Health Organization (WHO) has also identified certain LS which help us deal with any kind of tough situations in our life, both personal and professional. These skills are namely – Self-awareness, Empathy, Inter-personal Relationships, Communications, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Managing Emotions and Managing Stress. 

Happiness is the ultimate goal of every people -- which is dependent on how we manage ourselves (our goals, our expectations, our emotions, our relationships, our skills). To effectively manage these, we need continuous guidance, coaching, training, feedback to identify our improvement areas and develop improvement action plans. It’s here we come in. 

We provide Transformational, Motivational and Human/Life Skills development programs through experiential workshops, trainings, personal coaching and counselling. As per International Coach Federation, the individuals who partner with coaches have reported several benefits including improved self-confidence (80%), relationships (73%), communication skills (72%), work performance (70%). 

This site provides you an overview of standard programs we offer, but since every person or group has different needs, we will discuss with you and customize our programs & contents to suit your specific needs. Each workshop is highly interactive engaging each participant through brainstorming, inspirational & motivational story-telling, videos, team-building activities, role plays and exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Our Programs


For Corporates

  • Happiness Consultant: Increase Happiness Quotient of employees by identifying improvement areas, recommending, implementing actions
  • Human Resources Consultant: Work with HR to incorporate LS and Emotional Intelligence in their processes (hiring, training, talent development, employee engagement activities)
  • Trainings/Workshops: Exclusive programs for millennial/early career hires and managers/leaders helping them know themselves, know each other, remain positive by managing emotions & stress, improve your performance, express yourself and become the leader. Focused on skills development of early career hires to enhance their value
  • Employee Engagement & Assessments: Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Multiple Intelligence (MI) assessments, EE programs/events/activities
  • Topical sessions: Focused on specific needs of the organization or person which includes essential life skills and corporate skills 
  • Personal coaching: Hands-on 1-1 coaching per individual needs helping them unlock their potential or manage a difficult situation
  • CSR Program: Sponsor our events or ask us to conduct your CSR event


For Students / Educational Institutions

We conduct life skills sessions and experiential workshops focused on essential skills development, overall personality development and transform them into a happier self:

  • School students: "Building the Future" focuses on students of Grade 5 & upwards with aim to improve students' life skills, develop positive attitude, confidence, motivation
  • University students: "Conquer your tomorrow" focuses on making fresh job seekers employable through all round personality development and mindset changes. We train them on essential corporate life skills which will help them create a strong first impression and establish them for growth.
  • Teachers workshops: Helps improve their motivation, focus, stress management, time management, relationship and communication with students and parents


For Everyone

We offer vast range of Happiness Services to people all age groups and all walks of life -- coaching and training sessions focused on Life skills, soft skills, emotional and mental wellbeing. These can be organized at our training centre, your organization or your residential community - anywhere.

  • Experiential workshop for half / full day 
  • Series of topical sessions for 1-2 hours
  • Counselling sessions from qualified experienced counsellors 
  • Personal coaching: hands-on 1-1 coaching per individual needs helping them unlock their potential or manage a difficult situation


Be Happy, Make Others Happy


Happiness is by choice, not by chance. Choose to be happy now. Make your happiness a priority today. Only if you are happy, others will be happy with you. 



Here is a video to provide you an overview of Life Skills - what it is? Why is it needed to be successful and happy in life? It's benefits and a quick overview of Happiness Pal.

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Happiness Coach. Human Skills Educator. Motivational Speaker. Corporate Trainer.

Harsh is a Certified Life Skills Trainer "competent to train in all aspects of Life Skills, and can conduct sessions independently as per WHO guidelines". He is also a Chartered Accountant with 21 years of multinational corporate experience (such as HP Inc., iGate) in Executive Leadership roles across Audit and Finance for 170 countries. Having proven track record of people skills, talent development and nurturing growth, he specializes in corporate training and personal coaching. He also acts as a coach and advisor to many senior managers and budding talents aiming to grow in their career.



Certified Mindfulness Practitioner, Life Coach,

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner

Manini holds a Masters degree in Commerce, is a Certified and Trained Montessori & Nursery Teacher with over 15 years of experience in teaching, coaching, dealing with young children and adolescents. Has proven track record of coaching children and helping them deal with their issues, guiding them to think positively, boost their self-esteem, self-confidence. She also acts as a coach and advisor to several undergraduate students and parents.

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