Do you think you are not in control of your life? Is something troubling you at your work or relationships?  Join us to relieve your stress and discover how to be happy

Or are you a happy person? You know how to be happy. Join us to be happier, make others happy and help us spread happiness.  

What is your idea of happiness? What makes you happy? Where can you find it? Happiness is not difficult to find. It’s right inside you. Just needs to be discovered. You don’t have to wait for it, you can have it right now. We usually fail to search it at the right place. We often hand it over to another person who drops it every time.

At the Happiness Club, we help you discover it and take control of your life. And then you can help others do so too. 

If you think people around you are not happy with you, it’s because you are not happy with yourself. Remember that in a flight, we are taught to first put the oxygen mask on our face before we put it up on our child’s or neighbour’s face. Only when you are happy, you can make others happy.  

Happiness helps us grow and succeed in life. Only when you are happy, you will be able to : 

- Become a better person

- Effectively deal with problems and take better decisions

- Better manage your emotions

- Improve your relationships

- Perform better at work to grow and succeed

- Feel positivity in life

- Make others feel happy being with you 

At the Happiness Club, you will be equipped with tools & techniques to be aware of yourself, manage your emotions, deal with your problems, think rationally, take better decisions, strengthen your relationships… and ultimately be happy.  


By being a member of this club, you will get:

- Weekly weekend session and catch up with other people who are happy or want to be happy

- Tools & techniques to use right away

- Access to certified trainers, coaches, guides, counsellors

- Priority seat allocation and discount offers on our programs / workshops  

Happiness is by choice, not by chance. Chose to be happy now. Make your happiness a priority. Join us to meet people to learn how they crossed the unhappy phase of their lives. It’s a meet up session and not a seminar or a lecture. We will meet, share our problems, learn from others on how to deal with it. We won’t solve your problem, but we will equip you with tools & techniques and enable you to solve it yourself. That’s more permanent and will make you independent and happy… you will be able to deal with any challenges in your life any time anywhere. If we solve your problem now, you will not learn to deal with other problems in future and will always need us which we don’t want.

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